In her high school yearbook, Tracy E. Hopkins wrote that her goal was to write for Rolling Stone magazine. After she graduated from Howard University with a degree in print journalism, she soon realized that goal.  That tenacity and passion to write about people, places and things that inspire her has sustained Tracy throughout her 20 years as a professional lifestyle and entertainment journalist.  With an interest and expertise in an eclectic mix of topics -- music, fashion, women’s health and travel -- Tracy has contributed to numerous national and regional media outlets including the Associated Press, the Village Voice, the New York Daily News, amNewYork, SheKnows.com and Essence, Billboard and Vibe magazines.
Currently, Tracy continues to write for various publications and helms her own fashion and lifestyle blog, Everything She Wants.net, which spotlights charitable and eco-friendly products, plus beauty and fashion trends. Everything She Wants comes on the heels of Hot Mama Daily, a popular beauty and fashion blog for women of color that Tracy wrote for the Toronto-based media company b5media. 
Previously, Tracy was a Web Content Editor for Barnes & Noble.com, where she managed music content using a CMS and SEO Best Practices, supervised freelance writers, wrote CD reviews and interviewed popular recording artists.  Tracy further honed her editing skills as a freelance top editor for NYMag.com and as an assistant editor at Heart & Soul, a women’s health and fitness magazine published by Rodale Press. Additionally, Tracy has worked as a freelance fact-checker for Ladies' Home Journal, Latina, Essence, InStyle and Vibe magazines.
As a versatile freelance writer and reporter, Tracy has interviewed celebrities on the red carpet for People magazine, interviewed leading health experts, covered Fashion Week and traveled to destinations near and far – ranging from Red Mountain Resort in Utah to a villa in Tuscany.  Tracy’s most recent endeavors include broadcast reporting for iVillage and Brooklyn Independent Television.

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